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欧亚对决,东南亚强队MiTH PK欧洲强队GGnet。Game has started for me on 16:43 CET. stream is totally laggy…anyone else getting this problem? own3dtv giving problem…hd version is working fine but my bandwidth is not enough. jumping on that weaver, good move.


anyone lagging on the stream? or is it just me.

I am using the main stream on the dota2 website and I am not getting any lag.

well, i guess i’ve gotta keep watching the 240p stream. usually HD runs smooth for me. dunno whats wrong with my net today

Stream on The International – Dota 2 – Home is way better than yesterday (even no lag at all).

My stream haven’t lagged all day.

YAY! thai power.  i find it quite funny how Tobi Wan knows nothing about the team and their whereabouts. lol.

How could Azen get outfarmed so badly… even lost a 5v4 fight without morph.

Lich is definately ban or pick.

Man I am disappointed of GGnet. But after all I guess that is what you get when every team except you bootcamps: your ass handed to you. Like this. Painful.

More general on Kuro: Sadly I think that he is the problem of Over the years I have been following comp DotA I got the impression that Kuro wants being captain too much in order to function under a strong leadership (and capitalize on his talent) and he is too bad a captain to lead a team to victory himself. That is why his team history ever since is all but impressive. Sad really.

edit: Muschifurz. Alter, was ein Nick … schei? Kopfkino.

Todays streaming is completely awesome for me. No lags or anything – Maybe because I live in Germany but yesterday was horrible so who knows.

Anyway awesome morphling play. Would like to see morphling getting played more.


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